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Project for January - Kitchen

Okay, I’ve decided that trying to do a hundred things and not achieving anything isn’t getting me anywhere (what a surprise!), so this year I am going to turn it around and pick a specific project per month and just concentrate on that.

For January, it is going to be the kitchen. It has become incredibly cluttered, with everything just shoved willy-nilly into any pace bit of space. This means I can’t find anything and the place looks messy. And, much though I detest the fact, it’s also a little grubby. While I can cope with scruffy elsewhere, I won’t tolerate it in the kitchen and bathroom.

So I’m going to drag everything out of the kitchen, sort out what needs to be kept and what can be thrown away, and then I will give the entire area a thorough scrub before putting things back in place. After that I will cast a beady eye over my bedroom, and may all the powers that be have mercy on me because *that* is going to be an uphill struggle!

New year!

So, another new year dawns.  It's wet, cold and very grey at the moment.  I'm hoping that some of my friends turn up for the party next Saturday.  I've had three regrets and only one acceptance so it may end up just being one person visiting to say 'hi'.  Such is life.  Weather is putting a lot of people off.  That and the crappy public transport system.

Never mind.  I'm enjoying myself at the moment making all kinds of grandiose plans.  I think my reasoning is that if I think up dozens of potential projects there's an odds-on chance that I will manage to do at least one thing/  Fingers crossed!

I really do have to seriously buckle down where getting the weight off is concerned, though.  My brother has developed diabetes and I know that the odds are stacking higher and higher against me with every year that I age without taking care of myself. 

How time flies!

I can't believe that it is coming up to a year since Jay moved out!  I had so many plans at the time but haven't really achieved all that much.  It's turned out that plain old housework takes up a heck of a lot of time and since I'm aften too tired to get out the hoover or mop during the week that means I tend to lose my weekends to the old 'catching-up' mode.

Having all six of the cats staying with me while Jay settled in was also more work than I had anticipated.  They've never wanted for affection or cuddles when they asked for it but there is only one lap and bed for them to share and a year on, the cracks are starting to show.  The plan had been for three of them to go to Jay far earlier than this but poor old Jay suffered from a broken foot and that put the kibosh on that while she recovered.  She is now out of the cast, however, and trying to sort out a date to come and take her three home with her, so I have my fingers crossed.  I shall miss the three that are going - Will, Amber and Tabitha - but I know they are going to sonewhere where they will be loved and looked after and I can always visit.  It will mean that the pressure will be off me trying to be all things to all cats and I will be able to adore Pippin, Soli and Mary to the level that they expect.

So, fingers crossed!

All change

Well, Jay has confirmed that she will be moving out some time in October. It’s very strange; after months of knowing that it is going to happen, suddenly it IS happening. Part of me is excited about the opportunities but I know that I will miss her. We’ve actually lived under the same roof for longer than a lot of marriages last. It will feel very odd to come back to just the cats – although those little blighters are more than enough to keep me on my toes.

I know that she won’t be missing the clutter! Oddly enough, one of the first jobs I will be doing will be a relentless declutter of my own. While I am nowhere near as neat and tidy as Jay is, the situation has become more than a little ridiculous. Stuff has just piled up to the point where I have no idea where anything is! Fortunately a lot of it will be paper-based so the recycling is going to be overflowing for the rest of winter and - if all goes well - spring-cleaning will be a much lighter and stress-free experience.

At least I’ll be able to get to the floor…

Nightmare journey

Well, yesterday evening was a total disaster. When I left work it was to find that London Bridge Overground had shut down completely because of a signal failure and ALL of the normal traffic from the station was being funnelled through the Underground.

It turns out that Overground passengers are even ruder and more physical than Underground ones! I found myself being very, very relieved that there were glass barriers between me and the tracks, otherwise I would have been shoved onto said tracks once I got to the front. One one occasion I was physically shoved to one side by some prat in a suit (and the inevitable rucksack) so he could get on.

It took two and a half hours to complete what would normally be a 50 minute journey and I was completely exhausted by the time I crawled in through the door – to be immediately harangued by the cats who asserted that they were starving to death.

The sheer number of people there are in London is sometimes more than a little overwhelming and everyone seems to be very quick to react aggressively with very little provocation. It's occasions like this that make me laugh out loud when people talk about the British being a nation of queuers. Outside of London, maybe, but within the city? It's very much the law of the jungle when it comes to travelling!

Fashion sense

The simple truth is that I don't have any.  I've yet to successfully wrap my head around the concept that someone who has never met me, doesn't have any idea of my life and has no concept of what I look like, can dictate to me what I should or should not be wearing.  I also don't see the point in spending enormous amounts of money on items of clothing that I am apparently only supposed to wear for a year, at most, and then cast them to one side.  Fashion strikes me as being one of the biggest cons visited on the human race - especuially when it holds up an ideal of (generally) female beauty that requires a person to either make themselves ill or invest in surgical intervention in order to achieve it.
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Anglesey Abbey

Well, I'm about half a year too late, but here are the photos of the trip to Angelsey Abbey that Jay and I took last December.  We've both agreed that we need to come back up at a later date to see the gardens in bloom and to get inside the house as it was closed when we were there.  The high spot of the visit was very definitely the ghost birches.  Even before the sun went down and the lights came on they were beautiful, but lit up?  They were awesome!

Anglesey Abbey Dec 2012 (11)
Anglesey Abbey Dec 2012 (10)

Later on we went back when they were lit up.
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Dec. 3rd, 2012

Hmm, I didn't get as much done this weekend as I would have liked, but I did get some of the things crossed off my list.  While none of the decorations were put up, I did wrap the presents and I made inroads into getting rid of some of the clutter.  The bizarre thing was the way my energy levels suddenly vanished around midday on Saturday.  One minute I'm trotting around doing this and that, the next I feel like I've run a marathon.  Very bizarre.

Still, I've also got the tickets for Jay and myself to go to Anglesey Abbey next Saturday for the Winter Wonderland.  I'm looking forward to that and hope that the weather stays dry, even if it is cold.  If that happens, it should be spectacular!

Bird feeders

I decided to put up some bird feeders as this winter is looking to be particularly ferocious.  I normally hesitate because of the cats, but I put some hooks high up on the washing line post and hopefully that will give the birds enough warning.  This morning we had tits and a robin, as well as an unusually marked blackbird (white go-faster stripes on the wings!), but by mid-norning we also had two squirrels!

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To say I was thrilled is an understatement.  To say that the cats think I am an unfeeling sadist for not letting them out to 'play' is also a foregone conclusion!

Say it isn't so!

Just read in the newspaper this morning that BBC Wales have pulled the plug on Merlin.  I am completely gutted!  They say it's because they've 'reached the natural conclusion of the series' which made me blink because unless they intend to ramp everything up and get to the point where Arthur and Mordred face one another in the climactic battle after the civil war that nearly tears Camalot apart, they haven't come anywhere near the natural conclusion of anything!  Granted, I've had my moments in this series (still don't understand how Guinevere got 'turned' so quickly), but I think the series has a lot more mileage.

I suspect this is something more to do with money than any artistic decision, which is a bummer, but I suppose it's better to bow out while the series is still a success (7 million viewers!) than wait until it's in its senile old age.

Still gutted, though.